Things to Do in San Gabriel Valley, CA

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The San Gabriel Valley, also referred to as SGV by the residents of the area, is comprised of 31 distinct cities, each of which offers a little something different to its visitors. Claremont, Pomona, and Pasadena are just a few of the larger cities that can be found in the San Gabriel Valley.

Because it is a region with a number of cities and communities distinct from one another, it serves as a hub for a wide variety of tourist destinations around the state. In addition to experiencing the excellent food and having a sip of unique flavors, many other activities can be enjoyed, such as hiking, shopping, and more.

With plenty of recreational facilities and leisure sites to explore around San Gabriel Valley, let us help you narrow down your selections with this list of top things to do in San Gabriel Valley.

The Best Things to Do in San Gabriel Valley, California

Bungee America

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One of the most adrenaline-pumping activities in the San Gabriel Valley can be enjoyed at Bungee America, which involves jumping from a height of 120 feet into stunning canyons waiting beneath. You will be surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, including rocky landscapes, swift riverbeds, and rare plant life.

They offer different jump packages, the details of which depend on the number of times you want to bungee jump. Before you may proceed, you must complete a lengthy and challenging five-mile hike that starts at the beginning of the Bridge to Nowhere.

Before adding this location to your bucket list, make sure you are dressed comfortably and athletically. Bungee jumping at the Bridge to Nowhere in La Verne City is a great way to confront your fears and enjoy memorable events in San Gabriel Valley this weekend!

Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

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On a journey to the San Gabriel Valley, Huntington is an exquisite location you must visit because it has so many things to see and do. You may view renowned paintings, ancient relics, hand-sculpted sculptures, and magnificent, lush flora in a single area.

Huntington is a location in the beautiful city of San Marino that serves three purposes at once if you are looking for a variety of things to do in San Gabriel Valley in a day. The museum is home to a remarkable collection of artworks from the 15th to the 20th centuries, with a primary emphasis on European and American pieces of artwork.

The botanical gardens at Huntington are equally as remarkable, with over 16 distinct themed landscapes and over 27,000 different types of flowering plants. It is also a collection of millions of things, books, and records dating from the 11th century to the 21st century, making it a destination of world-class caliber as a library.

Grand Central Market

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The Grand Central Market, which opened its doors in 1917, was formerly known as the “Wonder Market.” This marketplace brings together food vendors serving a variety of cuisines. It organizes them under one roof to give customers access to a large number of different dining options.

It was considered one of the best public markets in the San Gabriel Valley and is set in an old building in the Beaux-Arts style. The building is also fireproof, thanks to the addition of steel reinforcements. The market has been a famous visit up until the present day and features a mix of stalls that each have a flavor that is distinctively Los Angeles.

The Grand Central Market will be a dream location for people who enjoy food because there is such a wide selection of foods available here. You can stuff yourself with traditional dishes from all over the world, such as those from Mexico, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and many more countries.

626 Night Market

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626 Night Market is a popular event that first took place in 2012. It is a bustling culinary festival that draws inspiration from the well-known night markets in Asia.

The entire region is dotted with various food stalls, each selling a particular local or international gourmet dish. You can move around while eating since most of their offerings are finger foods. Continue to venture through the market and pick up some tasty new bites as you work through the latest delicious foods.

On the grounds, you will find a variety of drinks and pastries, Asian and Mexican street foods, and comfort meals from Mexico. It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to experience the flavor, aromas, and cultures of different countries, particularly those from Asia.

Old Pasadena

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This enchanting district is a heritage and cultural treasure that may be found in Pasadena. Old Pasadena is the name given to the central business center of Pasadena, which was originally designed to serve as the city’s economic engine.

Those who need some relaxation would benefit tremendously from going on a stroll in which they could take in the sights of various buildings while enjoying the serene surroundings.

A variety of charming boutiques, eateries, and establishments housed in historic buildings can be found in Old Pasadena. It passed through phases of prosperity followed by periods of decline, but eventually, the city was able to bring it back to life, and now it thrives in current times.

As a result of new enterprises setting up shops in older structures, the entire district retains some of its original historic appearance and architectural details. In addition, the region is frequently the site of amazing activities, such as live concerts, film screenings, and culinary tasting tours.

Pasadena Playhouse

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This theater venue is located in a historic structure in Pasadena that dates back to 1917 and includes traditional architecture. The Pasadena Playhouse offers a lovely exterior courtyard with a fountain as the spotlight, along with basic seats, mellow lamps, modest tropical foliage, and more.

As a result of producing many plays throughout its history, it is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious organizations in the state. They have even had some of their work performed on the world-famous Broadway stage.

Take someone special with you to Pasadena Playhouse for a night filled with majesty and old-world charm. They put on productions with renowned producers ranging from well-known classics to up-and-coming unique works written by their authors.

Vineland Drive-In Theater

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Stay in your comfortable seat in the car as you watch the latest blockbuster on a massive high-definition screen. The Vineland Drive-In Theater is only open during the evening, so the screen projector can provide the best possible exposure.

They will also give you a portable radio from the concession stand so you can hear the music and dialogue from the movie more clearly.

There’s a refreshment booth where you can purchase drinks and foods you can enjoy while watching a movie, but guests are also allowed to bring their food and beverages.

Some of the snacks and drinks they sell include popcorn, hamburgers, pretzels, churros, and sodas. If you are looking for something different to do in the City of Industry, try going to this drive-in theater to see a movie.

San Gabriel River Trail

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If you are looking for adventurous things to do in San Gabriel Valley today, head over to San Gabriel River Trail, a lovely path that is perfect for tourists looking for opportunities to engage in outdoor recreation.

Stunning panoramas of the San Gabriel River and the San Gabriel Mountains will greet you at each turn of the cemented paved trail. In addition to these natural vistas, the path will take you past commercial and residential sites at various points along its length.

Biking is by far the most common form of recreation along the San Gabriel River Trail. Walking and horseback riding are also allowed on the trail. Those on bikes will appreciate the paved path’s flat, simple surface.

Raging Waters Los Angeles

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One of the largest, most famous water parks and popular fun things to do in San Gabriel Valley is a visit to the Raging Waters. You have access to a wide variety of water activities and pools thanks to the park’s expansive grounds, which span 60 acres. You can find various delicious sweets and hearty meals at the many food stands and restaurants.

You’ll be able to take home precious treasures of this exciting journey from the gift shop that’s conveniently located on-site and stocked with products related to the water park.

Use their calm and pleasant water-based attractions to beat the heat. If you are looking for San Gabriel Valley things to do where you can choose from activities that will help you unwind and relax or experience rides that will get your heart pounding and get your adrenaline pumping, Ranging Waters is the perfect place to go!

Queen Anne Cottage

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The National Register of Historic Places recognizes the Queen Anne Cottage as a significant historic property in Arcadia. As one of the ideal things to do in the San Gabriel Valley, CA for history buffs, a trip to the Queen Anne Cottage will provide a picturesque glimpse into the majestic beauty of the past.

Combined with the verdant gardens, the whole setting gives off the impression of being an authentic relic from the past. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it has preserved many of the exterior’s original furniture and decorations from the 19th century.

There will be occasions when they will open up the interior so that you can look through the collectibles, relics, and old furnishings. You can explore the numerous elements and patterns of the historic architecture of Queen Anne Cottage while sitting on one of the chairs or stools in front of the building.

We’re Looking for a Fun Day Out – What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do in San Gabriel Valley, CA?

Vincent Lugo Park

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San Gabriel’s largest park, Vincent Lugo Park is home to an illuminated youth baseball diamond, a young multi-purpose athletic facility, the Laguna de San Gabriel Nautical (Dinosaur) Playground, a picnic area with barbecues, a bathroom facility, and the Girl Scout House.

Are you trying to decide what you want to do in the San Gabriel Valley? Visit Vincent Lugo Park to use the children’s playground, designed by Mexican-American artist Benjamin Dominguez and is also known as “Monster Park” at times.

Children are welcome to climb on and play atop the 14 friendly-appearing cement sea creatures that have grown from the sand as part of the park’s play facilities. Minnie the whale, Stella the starfish, Ozzie the octopus, and Flipper, Speedy, and Peanut are the three multicolored dolphins that may be seen in the lagoon filled with sand.

Kidspace Museum

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Nearly 3.5 acres of kid-centered activities make the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, California, a fantastic place for families to visit. The museum is located just next to the Rose Bowl. Courses, art studios, gardening lessons, and a wide variety of other exploratory and participatory learning opportunities are also available at the museum.

Descanso Gardens

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Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge is home to ten distinct gardens, some of which include a California Natives Garden that showcases the Matilda Poppy and other California flowers and a Nature’s Table Garden that focuses solely on plant foods.

It also boasts a new Ancient Forest that features a catalog with over 180 plants representing 60 variants that have remained relatively unchanged in form since the time of the dinosaurs. Flintridge also features a Japanese Garden, a Japanese Tea Garden, and an Oriental Garden.

Things to Do in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Wrap Up

It is easy to locate historical landmarks, one-of-a-kind facilities, periodic gatherings, and significant relics around the San Gabriel Valley. Because the SGV is home to so many cities, there is an abundance of history and culture to discover.

These towns and neighborhoods are also located very close to one another, which means that traveling from one to the other will take little time. The San Gabriel Valley will be well worth your time if you consider nature and the environment surrounding it.

Make your travel plans immediately and visit these top things to do in the San Gabriel Valley, CA today!

Use this Interactive Map to help you navigate the lovely communities and serene neighborhoods across San Gabriel Valley. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (626) 285 2121 if you are interested to know more about the other fun and exciting things to do in the San Gabriel Valley, CA area!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

San Gabriel Valley is the perfect place if you are into exciting and enjoyable outdoor activities. The region is home to several sites ideal for hiking, swimming, movie watching, and appreciating historical pieces, giving all locals and guests a wide selection of memorable things to do in SGV.

Some of the best and most well-known restaurants in San Gabriel Valley include Gus’s Barbecue at South Pasadena, Parkway Grill, The Luggage Room Pizzeria, and Green Street Restaurant.

Among the recommended places to visit in San Gabriel Valley include the Queen Anne Cottage, Raging Waters, and Vineland Drive-In Theater.

Some fun events in San Gabriel Valley include a stroll around the 626 Night Market, Monrovia Street Fair & Farmers Market, and Monrovia Station Beer, Wine, & Music Festival.

There are three different routes one might use to travel from Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Valley. A bus route that can be taken from Union Station Patsaouras Bus Plaza to Ramona / Main will take 21 minutes total, including transfers, and will leave every hour.

You also have the choice of taking a cab or driving yourself to the SGV, which could take at least 12 minutes.