5 Things to keep in mind for basic home decorating

5 Things to keep in mind for basic home decorating

5 Things to keep in mind for basic home decorating

  1. Size does matter
    1. Choosing furniture, rugs and lamps it is important to consider the size of your room and the size of each piece in relation to the other. Having a rug that is too small for the surrounding furniture can definitely throw off the entire feel of the room. Having furniture that is too small for the room and make it feel a bit cramped. A simple rule of thumb for basic home decorating in regards to the size of your furniture: bigger is better. That way, you’re only concern is making sure it isn’t too cramped.

2. Balance is key

  • Basic home decorating 101 insists on creating and maintaining a balance. This does not mean your decor must be symmetrical, but when you step back, the room should feel balanced. This means no odd space, size matters, and you really just have to go with your gut on this one.

3. Don’t be a wallflower

  • Another rule of thumb for basic home decorating that depending on size, balance and your gut is back away from the walls! Many people tend to place their furniture up against the walls. But, imagine if every piece of furniture you owned was backed up against the walls! When placing your furniture, think about creating moments. These moments are for the purpose of creating a space or area. For example, if you have a very open floor plan in which you need to put your dining room and living room. You can separate these areas by using anchor points such as rugs, a TV or chandelier.

4. Learn how to coordinate not match.

  • Not everything in your home needs to “match” but it does have to coordinate. What this means is you can have different, colors, mix and matched pattern all in the same space without matching to the t. Instead, look for common colors and tones to create a color pallet that works throughout the space. Being too matchy matchy is a basic home decorating no-no. If you are working with a monochromatic style, use different hues and textures to mix it up.

5. Keep your head in the game

  • Unless you are about to be on some home decorating show on HGTV, chances are you will gradually decorate your home as it comes. With that being said, it is important to keep to your vision and avoid getting lost in translation. One great way to do this is to keep a pinterest board or mood board of your end vision. Without this you may end up spending more money and time trying to achieve a vision that is forever changing.



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