Family Halloween Events in San Gabriel Valley

Family Halloween Events in San Gabriel Valley

Cristal Cellar Presents Their Favorite Activities For The Whole Family This Halloween Season

Halloween can be a great time for both the children and the adults, if you know what you’re doing. This halloween season take back the fun from your sweet children and instead of doing boring ole’ trick or treating or going to their elementary school for very kiddie events, choose activities that will be fun for the whole family! Fun Halloween events for the whole family are happening in your backyard. Don’t miss out!





Diamond Bar

Enjoy a spooky Halloween Haunted House at Heritage Park Community Center from 6pm – 9pm on October 30th and 31st. Get in a good scream and shout while you brave the winding maze, 3D effects and scary (sometimes cheesy) monsters. Admission is only $5 and your children 8+ can enjoy it with you! If you have younger children or just want to have extra fun before the screams, check out the Fun Fall Festival. It’s at the same location but starts at 4:30. Admission is Free, but there are games and crafts starting at $5 for purchase. They have game booths, crafts, prizes, a picture booth and more! This is one of our favorite family Halloween events in San Gabriel Valley.



West Covina

Plaza West Covina’s place in our Family Halloween Events in San Gabriel Valley list is definitely for your lovely little preteens. Ages 12+ can enjoy a mall-wide trick-or-treating extravaganza during the Lil’ Monsters Halloween celebration on October 31st. It’s a free event with different activities and contests all at your preteens favorite place, the mall!  That means Mom and Dad are free to have a night in with Halloween classic blockbusters or a true Halloween adventure at Macdevitt Manor Haunted House FREAKSHOW. Also located in West Covina, this freak show carnival maze will be a fright!



Your Home

Staying home is always a great alternative to the family Halloween events in San Gabriel Valley that escapes the crowds and allows for some great bonding time. Before or after taking the children trick or treating, set up crafts, games, or even a outdoor movie screening in your backyard. You can have a pumpkin carving contest, exchange scary stories or enjoy a movie marathon !



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