Meet our knowledgeable team, committed to serving you for all of your real estate and mortgage needs.

John Paul Sazon

Managing Broker

Son of Orlando and Thelma, John Paul grew up in the real estate business and had the
opportunity of acquiring knowledge firsthand. He is a UCR alumnus and holds a degree in
business administration with a concentration in marketing and sociology. He worked as a
marketing director at Tokyo Ultra Lounge in Hollywood and a mortgage placement agency in
Newport Beach. He is a licensed real estate broker and incorporated the business in two
thousand nine.

Phone: (818) 648-4296
E-mail: jp@CristalCellar.com

Thelma Sazon

Sr. Loan Officer

Thelma is a licensed mortgage loan originator and real estate Broker who is the head of our
Loan Department. She specializes in delivering expert services in funding residential mortgage
loans including FHA, VA, and Conventional. She is fluent in Tagalog and has over twenty years
of experience.

Phone: (626) 475-2040
E-mail: loans@CristalCellar.com

Michael Portus

Sr. Loan Processor

Michael is a graduate of Centro Escobar University in the Philippines and holds a bachelor’s
degree in business administration. He is fluent in Tagalog and has over 15 years of experience
processing loans. As our Senior Loan Processor, Michael’s responsibilities range from pre-
qualification all the way to loan funding.

Phone: (626) 974-1891
E-mail: info@CristalCellar.com

Nick Wing

Marketing / Transaction Coordinator

Nick attended Chaffey College and the University of La Verne where he earned his Associate’s
Degree in Communication, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Managing
and Marketing. He began working for Spinnaker where he was a Project Manager and later as a
Business Development Officer. He joined Cristal Cellar in two thousand fifteen where he does
hard money lending and real estate. Nick is currently working towards his Broker’s license and
is one of the co-founders for the newly investment branch, Level Up Equity with Grant Shang.

Phone: (909) 908-5859
E-mail: nick@CristalCellar.com

Nathan Topete


Nathan has been processing loans for over two years and earned his Real Estate license in two
thousand sixteen. He is currently studying business administration and has a background in
entrepreneurship. Known for being a headstrong individual who prides himself in trustworthiness
and hard work, Nathan’s ambition paid off as he opened escrow on the first week that he
obtained his license.

Phone: (951) 808-7653 Email:nate@CristalCellar.com

Frank Soliz

Associate Broker

Frank has over twenty-five years as a Real Estate agent and financing. He has a background in
administration and has learned about model homes and new construction from his years
working for Chevron Construction. Today he continues his business in loans and real estate and
has been able to extend his business with his ability to speak fluently in Spanish.

Phone: (626) 484-3712
E-mail: nsearchofadream@gmail.com

Ken Hsiang Jr.


Ken is an experienced real estate investor who has worked closely with foreign investors as a
consultant and agent. Born is Taiwan, Ken used his ability to speak Mandarin fluently as a way
to work as an expat in Shanghai from two thousand eight to two thousand ten. He is a graduate of Cal State Polytechnic University in Pomona where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and has recently obtained his Broker license.

Phone: (909) 610-0113
E-mail: ken@CristalCellar.com

Grant Shang


Grant has been a licensed real estate agent since two thousand twelve and has made over forty
million in multiple real estate transactions. His transaction history includes traditional, flips,
trustee sales, land deals, commercial, leases, home additions and remodels. Grant is fluent in
Mandarin and has graduated from University of California in Riverside where he earned his
Bachelors in Business Administration and also earned his Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts
from Le Cordon Blue. As of June two thousand seventeen, he teamed up with our hard money
lender, Nick Wing, and started their newly investment branch, Level Up Equity.

Phone: (909) 510-1293
E-mail: grant@CristalCellar.com

Jonathan Adrillana


Jon has an extensive background in banking and is currently attending Cal State Polytechnic
studying Political Science. He earned his real estate license in two thousand fourteen and has
refined his clientele relation abilities to the fullest. His experience gives him a competitive edge
over industry competitors. He is an Alumnus from Cal Poly Pomona with a concentration in
Political Science and from Mt. Sac. He is fluent in Tagalog.

Phone: (909) 263-9725
E-mail: ja@CristalCellar.com

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